Steps for improving handwriting speed

It seems that such skill like handwriting is possible to learn only in your childhood, because later, there is no need for people to improve this skill. However, for some people, it is very important. For example, if you are a student, you should write a lot when you are at the lectures and because of this fact, this skill will be very important. More information about it you can find on the site

Which benefits you can get?

If you improve this skill, you will get some benefits, for example:

• Your automaticity will be increased – it will help you to think more about what exactly you need to write instead of think about how to write it correctly, do not have any grammar or any other mistakes. It will give you the chance to think about anything else instead of writing;

• If you have some thoughts, you can write down them immediately without any thoughts or doubts. You will not have any delays and also you will not make any mistakes in the writing;

• You will be able to write a lot of different information if you have limited time, for example, when your teacher tells you a lot of information and you will be able to check everything later from your notes.

What to do if you wish to increase the speed of handwriting?

You can find here a lot of useful steps which can help you a lot. Some steps do not need a lot of efforts, but some of them need some time. However, later, the result will exceed all your expectations.
Even if you use 1-2 tips from this site , you will see the progress. Just try improving your skills and you will see the result.

Find the list of tips here:

1) Change the technique – if you use your fingers and move the pen with the help of shoulder and forearm, it will be easier for you, if, for example, you need to write a lot of information during the long time. You will not be tired and because of this fact you will remember more information as you will be concentrate on it. It will not be very convenient for the first time, however, later, you will see that you easily can use it;

2) Good posture plays big role – you will feel more comfortable when you sit normally and do not have any inconveniences. Because of this fact you should pay a lot of attention to it. You should not forget about height of your desk and chair;

3) Holding the pen – it is up to you how you want to hold the pen – you need to feel comfortable. Just try different options and find the most convenient for you;

4) Do not grip the pen too much – sometimes, it is possible to grip the pen very much of you need to write the text very quickly. It is not very good as you will be tired in a short time. The best option to fix it is to think about this option and if you see that you grip the pen, just relax. In some time, you will not do it. Also, it is possible to change your pen, because, maybe, it is not one, which you need and next one will be more convenient;

5) Choose perfect pen for you – you should not use thick or thin pen – it should be ideal for you and your hand should write without any inconveniences. Then you will get the best result. You should choose the pen only for the size of your hand. It is better to try several different models and find the needed one for you. A good pen does not mean that it should be very expensive pen – you can purchase the pen for the middle price and you will be able to use it for a long time.

6) Make it shorter. If you see, that you cannot write quickly, you should check your style of writing. For example, check how you write different symbols. You should not use any additional sighs and your style should be easy for writing. Also, if the size of the letters is very big, it is recommended to decrease them. Then you will spend less time for writing. The great option is to use shortenings as you will understand the meaning of the word, however, you will not need a lot of time to write down the needed information. Because of this fact you will be able to have all needed information.